HR Open Standards Consortium Announces 4.3.0-rc1 Candidate Release

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HR Open Standards Consortium announces the 4.3.0-rc1 Candidate specifications are available to the public. This release includes enhancements to the Assessments and Recruiting specifications. As a candidate release, the schemas have not been approved by the Consortium members and are available for feedback from the general public.

The Assessments specification now allows for staged assessments:

  • Using the staged assessments messages, methods, and the HR Open Standards API - standard messages containing Assessment results can be shared via a staged assessments integration with a Learning Management System.

The Recruiting specification added enhancements:

  • Structured job requirements to make it easier for organizations to improve matching of candidates.
  • Updated use case to get candidates back to work through a Public Employment Agency (PES) more rapidly.

"The HR-JSON 4.3 Candidate Release continues to bring the updated schemas (created by many volunteers in various workgroups) into the hands of early adopters, supporting new data exchange use cases. I'm excited to see the continued innovation in the spirit of partnership and collaboration." said Andrew Cunsolo, VP of Product Management at Jobvite.

In an effort to foster collaboration and community, HR Open Standards has opened participation in workgroups to non-members. For more information on how to participate for zero cost in our workgroups contact If you’re looking for more information about staged assessments listen to our podcast episode “Innovations in Assessments”

To learn about all of our standards and to download free suites of HR-XML and HR-JSON data exchange standards please visit the HR Open Standards website,


About HR Open Standards

Founded in 1999 as the HR-XML Consortium, HR Open Standards Consortium is a voluntary, consensus-based standards organization. Our community of HR technologists facilitate discussions on global technology concepts and challenges. Members collaborate to develop free standards, which encompass the full HR domain from Hire to Retire and are open to all HR professionals.

Kelly Berntson
HR Open Standards

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