Coffee Chat #12: Data Standards and the Future of the Talent Marketplace

Coffee Chats,

Our Coffee Chat introduced us to The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Education and Workforce. The Foundation concentrates on all thing’s talent pipeline from early childhood education to the adult workforce and everything in between. Below are summaries of three initiatives within their workforce portfolio.

Talent Pipeline Management (TPM)

TPM is a demand-driven, employer-led approach to closing the skills gap. Utilizing supply chain management principles, employers play an expanded leadership role as “end-customers” of education and workforce partnerships. The TPM® framework is composed of six strategies that, when implemented in a particular sequence, make for a talent supply chain approach. Each strategy is designed to build off one another and support employers in developing a more data- and performance-driven approach to improve education and workforce partnerships. TPM is the Foundation’s signature initiatives that has been implemented in 33 states and Canada. Learn more here.

Job Data Exchange (JDX)

JDX improves employer signaling through a data standard and open data tools for job descriptions and postings. Use of this data standard by HR and career guidance applications enables better, faster, clearer data on in-demand jobs, skills, and credentials. Improved signaling supports efforts by education and workforce providers to align their curriculum, credentials, and career service offerings. The Foundation and HR Open are working to migrate and convert the job data standard to HR Open in the coming months. Learn more here.

T3 Innovation Network

The T3 Network is a network of over 500 public and private partners working together to build an open data and technology infrastructure for a more equitable talent marketplace. The T3 Network brings together employers, education and training providers, government as well as technology experts and vendors, to build the data and technology infrastructure of the future that will: (1) make all learning count, (2) make competencies and skills the new currency of the talent marketplace, and (3) empower opportunity seekers with their data. HR Open is an active participant in the T3 Network working with other organizations to map and harmonize data standards as well as develop an employment and earnings record standard. Learn more here


Robert Sheets | Research Professor, George Washington Institute of Public
Policy (Link to Bio)

Jason Tyszko | Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Link to Bio)

Joshua Westfall | Director, Policy and Program, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Link to Bio)

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