Thank you to the speakers, attendees, and sponsors of our 2019 Annual Meeting. It provided a great opportunity to learn about HR technology trends, real-world implementation case studies, and new and upcoming workgroups. Attendees had the opportunity to network with industry peers, technology providers, and HR professionals.

Technology Trends in Human Capital Management | Jim Jensen, SVP, Ceridian

Job Data Exchange & Transparency

New Project Sessions

Benefits Workgroup

Recruiting Workgroup

From Trough to Plateau: How Blockchain Will Disappoint Before It Massively Disrupts HR

The Latest Trends At The Intersection of The Future of Work, Technology, and HR | Enrique Rubio, Founder, Global Hacking HR

Where Innovation Begins

Practical Integration Stories - Talemetry

GDPR: The Year After

Integrating Data Registries in A Connected HR Marketplace