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Coffee Chat #11: ILR Wrapper
Wednesday, July 8th @ 10:00aEST
Join Jim Goodell as he teaches us about the Integrated Learner Record (ILR) and wrapper work being done through the T3 initiative. The teams are a collaboration of standards and other organizations, working to make skills acquired by a person’s education, employment, and military experience more easily accessible by recruiters and potential employers. If you are looking to learn more about the US Chamber projects including ILR wrapper, sign up to join the conversation!
Coffee Chat #12: Data Standards and the Future of the Talent Marketplace

Thursday, July 23rd @ 11:00aEST

Are you interested in what it would take as a business, vendor, and HR community to build a public-private infrastructure for a more equitable talent marketplace? Are you looking for information and resources needed to drive the adoption of new open data tools, resources, and data standards? Join our Coffee Chat and participate with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to explore emerging technologies and data standards to better align education, workforce, and credentialing data with the needs of the new economy.


Thursday, August 27th @ 11:00aEST

Coffee Chat #13: TBD

Pencil Me In!

Thursday, September 17th @ 11:00aEST

Coffee Chat #14: Business Relationships in COVID Times

How have you kept your co-worker, vendor, partner, and customer relationships going during all the turmoil and unusual circumstances we have been living and working under since March 2020? 
Are there different solutions for different relationships? What has been working and what has not? What have you noticed that you don’t do now that you would do in the past? How are you looking at the future? Are you waiting to plan or planning to wait? Who will be attending events in person and what are the alternatives?
Join us to discuss what you see as permanent changes and positive things that have come out of the COVID impact. Katrina Paglierani, VP of Partnerships & Alliances at Modulus Data will guide our discussion.


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