Assessments Workgroup Update


Our Assessments Workgroup has been working on the very first HR Open Standard xAPI profile, which is to be hosted on the ADL Profile Server. The work will include completing the xAPI Profile Draft, a document that will help finalize and accompany the profile on the ADL Profile Server. The xAPI Profile document will be included in the Assessments Wiki documentation, to be released in Spring 2022.

The Assessment workgroup will work to modify the schema and host a URL for a Learning Record Store. The store will include data and advanced analytics from the xAPI statements like assessment results and assessment item-level data detailing skills, competencies, etc. The LRS will be used for reporting analytics on assessment data and for storing individual career credentials. This is the key use case that will allow individual career credentials and will work with the Velocity Network Foundations credentialing system.  

Please contact Executive Director, Jim Ireland, for more information about the project or ways to get involved. Stay tuned for more information from the Assessments workgroup and let us know how the standards can help with your HR integrations