Coffee Chat FAQs

Are you interested in hosting a Coffee Chat but want to know more details? Read below for a list of FAQs!
  • What are Coffee Chats? Coffee chats are informal, one-hour discussions, facilitated by the host. We have a great community of knowledgeable and inquisitive members who will ask intriguing questions leading to engaging conversations about the topic. We started Coffee Chats in March of 2020 as a way for us to keep in contact with our community as COVID quarantines began.
  • What is the format? Coffee Chats are informal webinars hosted on Zoom; we set up the sessions as a meeting vs. a webinar, allowing all attendees to participate and ask questions. HR Open starts the session with some housekeeping items and asks guests to introduce themselves and why they're interested in the topic before handing the session over to the host. 
  • How long is a session? Coffee Chats last for an hour. Often we have such engaging conversations we have to cut off great discussions but don't worry we can follow up with blog posts, a podcast interview, or even a second session!
  • How do I prepare as the host? It's good to have a 5-10 minute intro of the topic and then questions you can ask the participants to keep the conversation flowing. Powerpoint presentations are not required and it's really up to you how you want to lead the session.
  • How many attendees can we expect and what are the topics of interest for attendees? Attendees vary, we usually have between 8-15 on a call but it depends on the subject. You can find short recaps of the previous chats on our website. Our audience is primarily HR technologists but we also have HR advocates, educators, and practitioners participating. We ask that sessions do not sell a product and provide educational value. 
  • How is the Coffee Chat marketed? HR Open Standards handles all of the marketing; we send emails and social media posts to our community in the weeks leading up to your session. Hosing a session is a great way to show that your organization is not only an industry leader but also supports the standards!

Contact us to host a Coffee Chat!