4.3.0 Standard Launches

Press Releases,

HR Open Standards announces the official launch of the 4.3.0 standards. As per the original announcement, this release contains the two new specifications: the Employee and Employment Earnings specification and the JDX standard converted to JSON and XML. Since launching, it has gone through the member voting process and has passed. We will be able to launch on an official basis. 

The Employment and Earnings Records standard will address the reporting of individual employee employment and earnings records to the government. The specification will explain how these records can be better used by employers, government, and public-private data collaboratives in support of the creation of workforce analytics. The specification includes the Worker record which may be used to set up details about the worker in an HR, Payroll, Timecard, or other systems.

The Job Data Exchange (JDX) was an initiative to refine a data standard for job posting developed in coordination with the HR Open Standards Consortium, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Schema.org, and Credential Engine. The JDX standard has been converted to JSON-Schema and XML and is now hosted by HR Open Standards to better promote its adoption and allow continued maintenance and enhancements for system-to-system integrations.

“The new employment and earnings standards, developed in conjunction with the U.S,” said Steve Saxton. “Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s T3 Innovation Network lay the groundwork for significant improvements in data quality and streamlined, more uniform data reporting to governments. The Chamber Foundation is already working to establish demonstration projects that hold the promise of easing employers’ reporting burden while enhancing public and private labor market analytics.”

As a global and open Consortium, the standards are available to anyone to download for free, reinforcing our commitment to collaboration. HR Open Standards is consistently updating our current standards and providing new use cases for easy implementation. To learn about all of our standards and download free suites of HR-XML and HR-JSON data exchange standards please visit the HR Open Standards website, https://www.hropenstandards.org/.

About HR Open Standards

Founded in 1999 as the HR-XML Consortium, HR Open Standards Consortium is a voluntary, consensus-based standards organization. Our community of HR technologists facilitates discussions on global technology concepts and challenges. Members collaborate to develop free standards, which encompass the full HR domain from Hire to Retire and are open to all HR professionals.