Work From Home Tips


By: Kelly Berntson, Communication and Events Manager

With so many people working from home, I wanted to share with you some advice about how I succeed working from home. I’ve been working from home for 2 years now (after working 8-5 office in various sized offices) and have learned how to stay motivated while maintaining a work/life balance. I’ve also thrown in a few tips on how I’ve adjusted for my husband and 1 year-old being home too!

  1. STICK TO YOUR MORNING ROUTINE: Brush your teeth, take a shower, workout – whatever your morning routine, make sure you stick with it. It’s important for me to workout and shower, it’s the time I get for me and as a working parent it’s my only me time.
    Tip: Many workout studios are offering complimentary online classes.

  2. GET DRESSED: Whether it’s going from pajamas to fancy pajamas (or leggings) or putting on a nice shirt, it’s important to separate your working day from your time at home. My husband has been wearing his company-branded sweaters with flannel pajama pants during the day and switching into his sports hoodies after work.

  3. CHERISH THE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY – EAT TOGETHER: I’ve been enjoying the time I get to eat breakfast with my family, I get to cook a hot breakfast for my daughter and spend extra time with her before we begin our (new) daily routine.

  4. UTILIZE YOUR COMMUTER CUP: I always make sure to take my favorite travel cup that says “Best Mom Ever” from the kitchen to my office as it puts smile on face and reminds me of my little girl. I only use this cup on my ‘commute’ to work which makes it extra special.

  5. DEFINE AN OFFICE SPACE: I have my own office that I open (turn on the lights, open the curtains) and close (cleanup, shut the door) every day but with my husband and I both working from home we’ve had to get creative on additional working spaces. I now work at the dining table where I put a candle and picture frame, (see picture) this allows me to have something from my office and separate the space from working time to meal times. I’m also debating about putting up the Christmas tree again – why not spread good cheer?

  6. FIX A HEALTHY LUNCH & TAKE A BREAK: When you’re home, you don’t have to worry about going to buy a quick lunch every day. I enjoy my 25 step-walk to the kitchen and fix myself a fresh salad or easily heat up leftovers. I use lunch time for a few minutes to unplug – do I need to run an errand, unload the dishwasher, throw in a load of wash? Just as you take a little office break take a little work break.

  7. MOVE AROUND: Don’t forget to stand up or take a walk. I have a watch that beeps at me to stand up at least once an hour – if I don’t wear it I can go hours with moving from computer and I notice my body is stiff by the end of the day. I also try to get in some neck and shoulder exercises as I tend to have bad posture. By doing little things throughout the day to take care of my body it not only clears my mind but keeps me healthy.
    TIP: Work outside, vitamin D and fresh air can help clear your head and refine your ideas.

  8. DON’T TURN ON THE TV: Would you watch tv at the office? Then don’t watch it while you’re working from home, I know it’s tempting to want to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite show but it will be so much more enjoyable when you can watch it without distractions (and a glass of wine).

  9. CHECK IN OFTEN: Have a question? Don’t be afraid to reach out to your co-workers whether through a chat or video app, you’re letting people know that you’re working and staying connected. Plus, it can get lonely working from home, keeping up on work and water cooler conversations can help you feel a little less distant.

  10. BE PREPARED TO BE ON VIDEO: Be ready to be on screen, many people like to see who they’re talking to and “camera on” is the default for many video conferencing programs (another good reason to take a shower).
    TIP: Buy a cover for your camera if you don’t like being on video.


We encourage everyone to follow CDC and local government guidelines for COVID-19 procedures. We appreciate those in critical infrastructure industries and THANK YOU for your service!