Why You Should Adopt the Latest HR Open Standards (Version 4.4)

Posted By: James Elder Blog,

We often hear “who is adopting the standards or why should we adopt the newest version of the standard?”  And I always want to say, would you prefer to wait for your competitor to adopt standards?  Or Is it better to wait for your customers to look at the industry to see which organizations are leading the effort to enable skills based hiring, or other disruptive industry trends. 

HR Open Standards has released Version 4.4 of our HR standards specifications. But what does this mean for you, and why should you care? In a nutshell, adopting these standards can significantly benefit your business. Here's how:

The Power of a Common Language

Standards are the building blocks of business success. Standards create a shared vocabulary that allow HR, Talent, and Learning systems to communicate . This interoperability helps reduce confusion and streamlines processes, saving time and money.

Skills-Based Hiring and the Future of Work

Companies are looking for people with the right skills, not just degrees. To help, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce' Foundation's T3 Initiative and HR Open are teaming up with others to create a system for verified skills. This system will act like a common language, allowing employers, employees, and everyone in between to easily share and find the perfect fit. Candidates will land the job that uses their talents, and companies will find the skilled workers they need.

Standards Ensure Sustainability

In today's ever-changing landscape, standards are more critical than ever. They provide a foundation for future success and adaptability. By adopting industry standards, you're future-proofing your organization.

Benefits Beyond Cost Savings

While cost savings are a definite advantage, HR standards offer much more. Standards foster collaboration within the HR tech industry, allowing for innovation and the creation of best practices. This ultimately benefits everyone involved and can reduce

The Bottom Line

In a competitive world, staying ahead requires embracing change and new technologies. HR Open Standards offer a clear path forward. By adopting these standards, companies gain access to a common HR language that promotes skills-based hiring.

Ready to Get Started?

HR Open Standards are free, comprehensive, and designed to be flexible. Visit our standards page to learn more about Version 4.4 and how it can benefit your business.