Staged Assessment Order Request


The HR Open Standards Assessments workgroup is excited to announce a new feature as part of HR Open 4.3 Assessment standard (coming mid-2020). Support for a staged assessment order request allows one system partner to request delivery of multiple, staged assessments from one assessment provider within a single message transaction. The staged assessment enhancement was designed based upon use cases submitted by a workgroup member from Development Dimensions International, Incorporated (DDI). The updated specification allows one system partner to request delivery of multiple, staged assessments from one assessment provider within a single message transaction.


Staged assessment requests can enable providing one assessment link to request assessments along with video and audio assessments or interviews from a single provider. This staged assessment structure allows conditions such as determining conditions by which candidates proceed to the next assessment or interview based on the result of one or more assessments. Blending assessments with video interviews has tremendous appeal:

“57% of candidates prefer live video interviews, while 34% prefer in-person interviews and ONLY 9% prefer one-way pre-recorded video assessment tools. For all workers, but especially with the new workforce, Gen Z, candidate experience is of utmost importance. Most candidates prefer a mobile-friendly application experience, which video interviews can provide.” [1]

Trends in learning and development assessments as well as leadership development content show how structured learning driven by competency-based assessments can provide increased value and return on investment for clients choosing to develop “Better Leaders for a Better Future” (#Leadership480) [2].

“When a carefully sequenced learning path is used, the advantages are striking. Companies that have moved away from leadership development as an event and instead position leadership development as a planned, integrated learning journey are 2.5 times more likely to be in the top 20 percent of organizations on the same financial composite described above. In fact, of 20 common leader-focused activities initiated and managed by the HR function, this was the single talent management practice that had the strongest link to financial performance!” [2]

Structured learner can be delivered by using the staged assessments order request standard in an integration with an HRIS or Learning Platform. Request multiple sequences learner events and assessments by adopting the HR Open Standards assessment API format, method, and message.


Longer assessments can be separated into shorter assessments to foster greater candidate engagement throughout the assessment experience. According to SHRM Foundation research, shorter assessments are more conducive for selection. “Many organizations are demanding shorter, more engaging candidate experiences and less obtrusive assessment methods to help them target talent. Innovative assessment techniques are also being developed. These factors, coupled with continued technological advancement, will almost certainly lead to revolutionary and rapid changes in the assessment field.” [3]

The staged assessment order can contain assessments staged with unique conditions specified in the request payload. Assessments can be presented to candidates in the order indicated by the organization. Staging logic includes checkpoints following each assessment to determine if/when a candidate should be progressed to the next assessment in the battery. This standard also allows designation of a secured endpoint to the partner system to which individual assessment results can be delivered to fulfill the order as determined by preset conditions within the Staged Assessment Order Request. A sample of one package from the staged assessments samples is copied below.

HR Open workgroups are part of a technical community of developers, technologists, and industry thought leaders openly sharing ideas and creating new innovations in HR Technology. The need to support staged assessments was raised by one workgroup member from Development Dimensions International, Inc. based upon scenarios discussed with DDI’s Customer Experience Teams within the context of assessment integrations. Incorporating this format into the current HR Open assessments standard was evaluated by HR Open workgroup members and determined to be a welcome addition.

The HR Open Standards community seeks to foster continuous improvements to HR technologies through industry standards. Please contact to learn more, provide your feedback, or to suggest ideas to advance HR Open Standards efforts.

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