SmartReport Ecosystem Map


It started with a question: “What does company 'X' do, how do they relate to company 'Y', and why are we meeting with them tomorrow?” After answering that question, the next question was: “Can you help us understand how all of these companies fit together?” This led to a whiteboard session outlining the categories of organizations who contribute to the issuing, sharing, and consumption of digital credentials. After a few iterations it became clear that a diagram on a whiteboard couldn't truly map out all of the complexities--so we set out to create an infographic to organize the types of institutions and companies who are all developing this ecosystem. What took shape was a teaching tool we feel will benefit anyone who is curious about digital credentialing, learning and employment records, and the companies and institutions who are driving these innovations forward. Once we decided to publish, we reached out to twenty digital credentialing experts to gain their feedback on our ecosystem map. Each expert generously provided their time and feedback leading to over one hundred iterations to this report, which we are proud to release to the public.

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