HR Open Standards to Provide Membership Options for Small and Startup Organizations

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HR Open Standards Consortium, the only global network of HR technology professionals committed to leading the ongoing development of global HR interoperability standards, announces broader membership options. In keeping with our vision of global adoption through broad collaboration, we’re pleased to offer new membership options to small and startup organizations.

HR Open is providing an opportunity for small and startup organizations to network with industry leaders and connect with potential trading partners. Sit at the table with technology implementors and learn how you can save resources by using vocabularies that have been built with the knowledge and experience of our members. Interact with experts and make your mark on HR Technology by becoming an industry advocate.

Startup member, Buddy Kresege of Known2U explains the significance of HR Open in his organization and the industry. “We have seen first-hand the value of HR Open Standards and their ability to represent valuable and important data and information and to do so in a non-platform specific way. This is incredibly powerful, not only in terms of sharing data between disparate systems but in terms of an industry model for various segments of the HR space. So much of the thought work has been done by their members and they bring tremendous value to our industry. We are glad to be a member and contribute our part.”

Small and startup members receive the same benefits as our general members, including discounted certifications and online training courses; discounted event attendance; marketing opportunities; and name recognition and awareness. To learn more visit our website or contact Executive Director, Kim Bartkus,

About HR Open Standards

Founded in 1999 as the HR-XML Consortium, HR Open Standards Consortium is a voluntary, consensus-based standards organization. Our community of HR technologists facilitates discussions on global technology concepts and challenges. Members collaborate to develop free standards, which encompass the full HR domain from Hire to Retire and are open to all HR professionals.


Kelly Berntson
HR Open Standards

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash