HR Open Participates In White House Roundtable Discussing Improving Job Market Transparency


Representatives from HR Open were invited by the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Chris Liddell, to participate in a conversation discussing bipartisan issues on the state of the job market.

Technology players and organizations such as Google, LinkedIn, US Chamber of Commerce, Council on Foreign Relations, Markle Foundation, CareJourney (Veterans), ITI, Lumina Foundation, and World Economic Forum came together to discuss the state of the job market.

Their conversations looked at what current and practical initiatives are happening in the marketplace to help the American worker upscale and how the government can get involved. The discussion centered around how a bipartisan committee can help make the process easier for the average worker through funding, legislation, and leadership.

Participants determined that there should be universally adopted standards . Through this Roundtable, different parties will have a platform to talk to each other, making it easier to implement standards and critical initiatives throughout various organizations.

As a standards organization, HR Open is dedicated to the implementation of HR data standards throughout various industries. Currently, HR Open Standards is working with the US Chamber of Commerce on the Job Data Exchange (JDX) project which, “improves how clearly employers communicate their hiring needs to workforce development partners and educators across the country” and the T3 Innovation Network that “is exploring the emerging technologies and standards in the talent marketplace to better align student, workforce, and credentialing data with the needs of the new economy.”

We understand the importance of having open forums where various organizations can come together to discuss the future of their industry. We’re honored to be a member of these Roundtable discussions and will continue to participate in future sessions and encourage broader engagement.