HROpen in 2024: From XML to APIs - Standardizing Skills & Competency Data for the Future

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The HR Open Standards Consortium began in 1999 with a directive to ensure the automation of human resource related transactions.  The initial version of HR XML contained the prescribed building blocks of a valid and standardized DTD - building blocks for standardized XML documents used to exchange HR data.  XML was the preferred method used to establish a common language for the exchange of text files, such as a CV / Resume.  The standards are still maintained today by the HR Open Standards Consortium.

There were driving industry forces which led to the onset and establishment of HR XML such as the need to exchange information in text files between different, and often incompatible systems.  The issues presented by these systems which could not establish connections nor exchange files in a common format has arisen in several other aspects of HR Technology such as, job postings, benefits, background screening, assessments, & much more.  These issues were costly and time consuming to address leading to lost opportunities and the need to expand HR XML into these areas.

Today we are in a similar situation to 1999 / 2000 where we have industry forces such as the digital economy, skills based hiring, Artificial Intelligence, and more leading to the need for new HR Tech, Talent, & Learning industry standards.  We need to establish standards to address skills & competency proficiency data & verifiable credentials.  There is work in progress to define competency frameworks, learner records, and a new Resume / CV standard.  To date the  API connections are not standardized.  This is where HR Open Standards can lead the way with our proven methodology and our alignment with other standards bodies and initiatives in this space.  We will be discussing the possibility of a Skills data API standard with a preferred framework for skills / competency format.  Contact us to discuss this more.