Coffee Chat #6: Standards Relevant to Blockchain for HR

Coffee Chats,
A discussion of activity related to blockchain-based solutions for the HR domain lead by Rick Barfoot. We touched on some low level W3C standards that are being used by many of these initiatives, the rollout of blockchain networks currently underway, and some pros and cons of vendor-led versus consortium-led approaches. We discussed the need for higher-level data standards (e.g., HR Open Standards, IMS Global’s CLR, Credential Engine’s CTDL) to support interoperability of networks and how the business model for background screening vendors may evolve with the rollout of blockchain. Questions arose surrounding wallets and expected challenges for managing multiple wallets at the end user level. Listen below to hear more and tweet us @hropenstandards if you’d be interested in learning more about blockchain and standards!

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Image Credit: Photo by Clint Adair on Unsplash