Coffee Chat #17: The IoE: Open Ecosystems for the New Economy

Coffee Chats,

The Internet of Education (IoE) is a vision and set of protocols based on open standards, shared public-good utilities, and a network of networks (Co-Labs) that enable lifelong, personalized, competency-based learning at the scale of the Internet. The IoE is not an organization, but a shared vision where every human has access to quality education and economic opportunity.

It is an idea with room for many voices, researchers, agencies, organizations, and companies. It requires innovation, experimentation, and getting things wrong while always iterating toward what’s right. It encourages debate and critical discourse from a variety of perspectives, as global education is just as diverse as its people.

This session lead us through some initiatives including:

  • Connectivity (Internet equity): urban/renewal divide,
    • Global equity through internet activity
  • Digital wallets: ownership through the application by the individual/learner
  • Learning opportunities
  • Skills USB: standards, building out shared common needs/vocabulary
  • Career GPS: own and present curated package

Session hosted by: Taylor Kendal | Chief Program Officer, Learning Economy Fndn lead us through initiatives in the Internet of Economy

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