Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment


Imagine this, an employer wants to find someone with a specific set of skills, and they can sort through applicants based on those specific skills with just a click of a button. Not only that but applicants’ verified skills and accomplishments are highlighted, regardless of when or where they earned their credentials. It’s a world where employers find the people they need, and applicants, who may have been ignored at one point, are judged by what they know, what they can do, and nothing else.

It sounds idealistic, but that world is not as far away or as impossible as you may think. We can already see examples of that working in small pockets around the world, and with the new collaboration between 1EdTech and HR Open, we believe we can take that vision worldwide.

How? By using open standards to make it easy for everyone involved. It’s what 1EdTech and HR Open do best.

1EdTech’s Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR Standard™) and Open Badges create digital records of a learner’s or worker’s achievements that they have agency over and can share with potential employers. Through 1EdTech standards, these credentials are easily verifiable, so an employer doesn’t have to guess about the authenticity or what a specific credential means. Instead, they know exactly what the applicant brings to the table and can automatically verify it.

Still, these verifiable digital credentials are only useful if employer application systems can read them. That’s where HR Open Consortium comes in, the only independent, non-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to developing and promoting a standard suite of specifications to enable human resource-related data exchanges.

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