Learning and Employment Record Resume Standard (LER-RS) Overview

LER-RS Flow Graphic

Introducing the LER Resume Standard

  • A new Learning and Employment Record Resume Standard (LER-RS) to enhance the traditional resume in hiring and advancement
  • Enhancements include making a person’s resume narratives, skills, and experiences machine readable and verifiable through digital credentials
  • Empowers individuals to self-assert and increases applicant agency
  • Exchange between a person’s digital wallet and HR/recruiting technology platform of employer
  • Supports leading employer initiatives, including skills-based hiring initiatives

LER-Resume Standard  Why is it useful?

  • Verifiable, Machine-readable, promote Trust
  • Self-Sovereign, Selective Disclosure
  • Ease of Integration
  • Consensus-based open standard, royalty-free and open to use
  • Progressive Adoption with HR Tech and employers, allow for evolution of solutions
  • Support Consumer Usability, Portability

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