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HR Open Standards provides free voluntary consensus standards. Our current, global HR vocabularies are developed in a transparent, collaborative-based environment open to all HR technologists and organizations.

Current Projects

Participating in standards development is a significant benefit that allows companies to build the standards and receive early access to the specification. As industry leaders, HR Open Standards continues to enhance the specifications and create new standards to meet industry needs.

The Assessment Workgroup: responsible for developing and maintaining assessment standards to support the procurement of assessment services and the integration of assessment results.

The Employee Benefits Workgroup: develops and maintains standards that provide employers flexibility and save them time and money when integrating systems with benefits administrators and benefits providers.

The Employer and Employee Earnings Record Workgroup: provides guidelines for reporting employment and earnings records to government and public-private data collaboratives and supports workforce data analytics.

The Recruiting Workgroup: responsible for standards within the recruiting domain. They focus on transactions between a variety of trading partners such as recruiters, applicant tracking systems, HRIS, job boards, staffing suppliers, and candidates.

The Screening Workgroup: responsible for developing and maintaining standards for the Background Check industry. This group focuses on transactions between screening service requesters, screening supplier providers, and researchers.

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Coffee Chats

Join us for discussions around HR technology, trends, and interests as chosen by the HR Open community. These hour-long chats are an invitation to learn, network with like-minded individuals, and share your experiences in the industry.

Previous topics include: XML vs. JSON, Standards Relevant to Blockchain for HR, Research in AI: Gender Language in IT Job Descriptions, Data Standards and the Future of the Talent Marketplace. Want to know more? Register for an upcoming Coffee Chat!


"Technology is ultimately about people. In the past, our collaboration has been built around the creation of standards, and that has worked really well. However, as the market shifts and adapts, we are starting to see a shift in the problems faced by the builders and creators in our industry. We are moving away from a lack of common language towards a need for greater collaboration and cooperation. It is our hope that the podcasts are a first step in providing a space where industry peers of many backgrounds can have a common meeting space." - Jason Sole, President, HR Open Standards

Episodes include: Global Data Privacy, The HR Canonical Data Model: Benefits of Using Open Standards, Building Data Standard Specifications, and more. Listen wherever you listen to podcasts!


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