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Coffee Chat #206: The Skills Based Hiring Tipping-Point

Coffee Chat #206: The Skills Based Hiring Tipping-Point

Tuesday, November 9, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

As skill recording standards like Certified Learning Records start to be adopted by educators and certifiers, employers are one step closer to being able to hire based on skill instead of basing hiring decisions on an individual's education or employment background. Yet a chain of events will still be required to bring the promise of skills-based hiring mainstream. Join us for a conversation about how the human capital management pipeline will need to evolve to support skills-based hiring. We will discuss the primary technological and psychological challenges that we need to address with employers, job seekers, and the technology companies that facilitate how they interact.


Ian Davidson | iDatafy

Ian Davidson is the Chief Growth Officer for iDatafy, a company focused on building SmartResumes and Certified Talent Marketplaces.  Prior to iDatafy, Ian was the Vice President of Business Development for ZipRecruiter.  Before entering HR tech Ian led partnerships and product strategy for OpenX, a digital advertising exchange.  He is an industry leader in marketplace design and is laser-focused on the ways a marketplace built from the ground up to certify skills and competencies can create a more level playing field for job seekers, and transform the way employers identify and hire talent.