Organization Name: Truescreen, Inc.
Product or Implementation: HRMS Toolbox
Date Certified: 2019-12-18
Specification(s) Certified Against: BackgroundCheck.xsd (2_5)
BackgroundReports.xsd (2_5)
ProcessEmploymentEligibilityI-9.xsd (3_2)
Package(s): 2007-04-15 (2_5)
Use of specification:

Truescreen, Inc.’s HRMS Toolbox implements the HR Open Standards Consortium’s BackgroundCheck, BackgroundReports and I-9 schemas with no extensions. Supported transfer mechanisms include SOAP, SFTP or standard HTTPS Post.
The HRMS Toolbox implementation allows for receipt of XML Background investigation and I-9 requests in the HR-XML specification. The implementation also supports sending Background Investigation Results to the client in the HR-XML specification format. Since each client’s workflow requirements are different, Truescreen’s Interface systems support a variety of receipt and delivery options. Use of the HR-XML specification ensures that client applications (HRIS, applicant-tracking, etc.) will be able to utilize the built-in support for the HR Open standard.

More Information: http://www.truescreen.com/SolutionsDetail.aspx?ChannelID=100

Truescreen is a leading provider of customized background screening, occupational health screening, DOT compliance and nationwide electronic fingerprint collection and channeling to top firms worldwide. Services are provided using ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified processes. Service hallmarks include Web-based report ordering/delivery, advanced information tracking and management tools, custom systems integrations and expert customer service support.

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