Organization Name: Talemetry
Product or Implementation: Talemetry Broadcast
Date Certified: 2017-10-01
Specification(s) Certified Against: PositionOpening.xsd
Package(s): 3.2
Use of specification:

Talent Technology’s Talemetry Talent Generation suite is designed
to help organizations find and attract the best talent available, faster and
cheaper than they are today. Talemetry is designed to complement a company’s
Applicant Tracking and Talent Management Systems, and includes pre-built
integrations to Oracle EBS, Oracle PeopleSoft, Taleo, and many other systems,
as well as a rich API to allow integrations with virtually any system.

Talemetry Broadcast is designed to

  • Reduce manual data entry by automatically pulling existing job descriptions directly from your ATS
  • Through a single interface, select from 100’s of subscription based, free or niche job boards
  • Automatically or manually populate your job data directly into each of the selected job board postings
  • Manage existing job board subscriptions directly through a single interface.
  • Easily report on how many candidates viewed, clicked, and applied to each job posting
  • Directly compare the effectiveness of various job boards side by side

Talemetry Broadcast implements the PositionOpening schema
with the followings as a REST API, and supports standard POST, PUT, DELETE, and
GET calls.

Talemetry Broadcast extends the PositionOpening standard in
the following areas:

  • BroadcastCustomFields
    – any additional fields required outside of the normal standard
  • ReturnURL
    – where to redirect the recruiter after they have completed the Broadcast
  • PositionClassification
    – the classification of the position
  • PositionSchedule
    – what kind of schedule is the position

Broadcast implements a PositionOpeningResponse.xsd for success and error
responses to some of the REST calls.

More Information: http://www.talenttech.com/products/components/rm_extraction.htm

At Talemery, we strive to be the most important technology partner for organizations to connect people with the right job. Every time, everywhere. We believe that by dramatically improving the experience for organizations to find great candidates and connecting those candidates with the right company through the effective deployment of great technology, we truly can help make our world more prosperous.
Founded 2000, 100 Employees, successfully completed 7 acquisitions

  • Largest talent generation software vendor. Broadest solution encompassing all aspects of talent sourcing and marketing capabilities
  • 80 million applicants are generated by our systems every year
  • Over 800 customers in Enterprise Corporate HR, Recruiting Agencies, Job Boards, Applicant Tracking systems, and other HR Software Vendors

For more information, please follow us on Twitter @talemetry and Facebook at www.facebook.com/talemetry or call +1 866.824 4418.

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