Organization Name: PilotFish Technology, LLC
Product or Implementation: CS eiConsole for HR-XML, XCS eiPlatform
Date Certified: 2018-09-30
Specification(s) Certified Against: All Schema
Package(s): 3.X, 2.X
Use of specification:

Whether your organization is starting with a simple point-to-point interface or is developing a comprehensive SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), PilotFish’s integration solutions are uniquely architected to handle the complex nuances of the HR-XML standard, help you get your projects done faster and create deliverables of higher quality.
The XCS eiPlatform is a complete Java framework that supports high volume and secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using the XCS eiConsole for HR Open Standards, the developer’s workstation. With the XCS eiPlatform, any system(s) or services can be integrated with any other system(s) or services regardless of platform, operating system, database or communication protocol. With the XCS eiPlatform, Connectivity, Validation, Transformation, Routing and Delivery are accomplished through several configurable component Stages. What in the past took months, even years to do can now be done, in some cases, in hours, days or just weeks.

The XCS eiConsole for HR Open Standards is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the configuration, testing, deployment, management and maintenance of HR-XML interfaces. It is the industry’s highest quality, fastest and most cost effective means for implementing the HR-XML standard. The XCS eiConsole for HR Open Standards includes interface templates for each of the many HR-XML Business Object Documents (BODs) in the HR-XML 3.0 Specification. Developers can point, click, clone and configure these templates to build a custom HR-XML interface. The best-of-breed data XSLT transformation component, the XCS Data Mapper, enables the translation of proprietary formats to and from HR-XML. The XCS Data Mapper has been pre-loaded with HR-XML Schemas (XSDs) to permit graphical navigation of the HR-XML schema and associated documentation. As an exclusive HR Open Standards Consortium member benefit, each company is entitled to a single Concurrent-Use license. Tutorials and message templates are included. The XCS eiConsole for HR Open Standards supports all HR-XML 2.x and 3.x schemas.

The XCS eiConsole for HR Open Standards supports each of the functional areas covered by the HR-XML specification, including:

  • Recruiting: Candidates (Resume/CV), Position Opening
  • Staffing: Staffing Order, Staffing Assignment, Staffing Resource·
  • User/Employee Data Provisioning: Indicative Data, HR Master Data, User Account, Organization Chart
  • Benefits: Enrollment, Stock Plan
  • Competency: Positional Competency Model, Competency Definition
  • Assessments: Assessment Catalog, Assessment Order, Assessment Report
  • Background Check: Screening Order, Screening Report, Screening Package Order, Screening Package Report, Credit Result
  • Time Cards
  • Performance: Development Plan, Employee Performance Management (EPM), Objectives
About the Product:

HR Open Standards Consortium is a licensee of our software and has partnered with PilotFish to offer its tools to its members.

PilotFish offers the HR Open Standards user two complementary products that together provide a complete integration solution; the XCS Enterprise Integration Platform (XCS eiPlatform) and the XCS Enterprise Integration Console for HR Open Standards (XCS eiConsole for HR Open Standards).

More Information: http://www.pilotfishtechnology.com

Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology provides comprehensive software and services to enable the integration of disparate systems using XML standards. Whether developing simple point-to-point interfaces or a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture, PilotFish integration tools can help to dramatically shorten project timelines, reduce risk and improve the quality of deliverables.

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