Organization Name: Milch & Zucker
Product or Implementation: BeeSite® Recruiting Edition
Date Certified: 2017-10-01
Specification(s) Certified Against: PositionOpening.xsd
Package(s): 3.2
Use of specification:

milch & zucker’s BeeSite® Recruiting Edition implements the HR Open Standards Consortium’s PositionOpening standard with no extensions. It utilizes SOAP Webservices for it’s import and export interface.
The import is done via a SOAP Web Service that uses different functions for receiving and deleting job description.

The export is simply a plain XML-File with all the information of the PositionOpening. It can be stored via HTTP “get” and represents the standard export format for job posting data.


Product Information: BeeSite® offers interfaces to import job descriptions from different ATS and the possibility to present all job descriptions under one global corporate identity appearance. Also job descriptions may be exported to many external job boards and social networks. For applicant data exchange BeeSite® offers various interfaces to serve internal HR management systems or ERP solutions.
More Information: http://www.milchundzucker.com

Milch & Zucker AG is a company that specializes in HR marketing consulting and HR software development, providing organizations with online sourcing, eRecruiting applications, tailor-made marketing concepts for employer brands and more.
Founded in 1998, milch & zucker has developed eRecruiting websites for numerous major companies. Many of the eRecruiting projects have been rewarded with top-ranking positions in research surveys.

In 2003 the JobStairs® project, a job exchange portal servicing 58 major international stock corporations, was launched in Germany. Within the scope of these operations, milch & zucker has been responsible for the complete development and realization processes as well as ongoing marketing activities.

milch & zucker’s online recruiting and applicant tracking system BeeSite®, featuring modular architecture, was created to serve the individual needs of major corporations. BeeSite® gives companies the opportunity to present and promote their employer brand in an appealing manner, while simultaneously covering all recruiting procedures via the user backend. This solution makes full use of a high-performance application infrastructure that ensures scalable, reliable and secure performance.

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