Organization Name: Manus
Product or Implementation: Manus+
Date Certified: 2018-03-21
Specification(s) Certified Against: Timecard.xsd
Package(s): (3_2)
Use of specification:

Manus Software Europe has implemented the HR Open Standards Consortium’s TimeCard.xsd with no extensions. TimeCard information is sent as an XML file (compliant with TimeCard.xsd 3.3) by Manus+ customers to the designated Salary software Providers in order to update the realized hours, vacation and special hours for processing.


About the Product: Manus+ supports multinational retailers in their WorkForceManagement and Time & Attendance. Manus+ specializes in compliance, focusing business rules, Collective Labor Agreements and local legislation, both in scheduling as well as in realization. The entire business process concerning employees in retail is handled: budget to correcting hours, who should work when to holiday entitlement, optimizing staff to preparation for payroll.
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The Pan-European specialist in compliancy, T&A and WFM. Manus Software Europe brings you over 25 years’ experience in Pan European Time and Attendance (T&A) and Work Force Management (WFM), focusing on Retail and Leisure. Over 250 multinational (and of course local) businesses make use of the MANUS+ WFM Suite on a daily basis. Their knowledge, combined with the expertise of the MANUS+ organization and software, ensures the optimum deployment of personnel. Budgeting, planning, scheduling, registering, processing, monitoring: In short everything to get the right employee on the right place for the right price, ensuring the right pay slip delivering optimum productivity. Their choice: One Software Suite, One installation, multiple languages, multiple legislations, multiple sets of business rules. Global performance in one localized solution. With business consultants and offices in 5 countries and expertise in over 35 countries and three continents, MANUS+ truly is the market leader in Pan-European / International WFM solutions for Retail and Leisure. MANUS+ is a member of the World Leading standardization institute: HR-Open Standards.

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