Organization Name: Applicant Insight, Inc.
Product or Implementation: Background Check Web Services
Date Certified: 2018-10-01
Specification(s) Certified Against: ScreeningOrder.xsd
Package(s): 3.2
Use of specification:

Applicant Insight’s (AI) Background Check Web Service implements the HR Open Standards Consortium’s ProcessScreeningOrder.xsd and ShowScreeningReport.xsd with required extensions. The user area extensions include detailed drug reporting not available in the current HR-XML specification. The web service utilizes SOAP version 1.2 as a transport protocol. Data within the Supporting Documentation element is enclosed in a CDATA section.

The Web Service allows clients to automate the background check request process by integrating with the AI background check system to request and receive background check and drug screening reports electronically.

The Applicant Insight Integration Web Services version 1.00 was written in Java and implemented using Apache Tomcat and Axis 1.1. It is secured with 128 bit SSL certificates and requires authentication for each request. For authentication, clients must have previously set up an account with Applicant Insight. The authentication information for the client must be supplied to the web service as part of the HR-XML background check xml string.

The AI Background Check Web Service supports the following services: SSN Search, Credit Report, Personal Driving Record (MVR), Criminal and Civil Search, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Education, Employer, and Reference Verification, OFAC, Worker’s Compensation, License/Certification Verification, Sexual Predator, HHS/OIG/GSA, National Criminal Insight, Address Insight, and Physicals.

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Applicant Insight, Inc. offers employee screening services, including a variety of applicant screening, background investigation, drug testing and clinical services programs. Since 1990 Applicant Insight has focused on the design and implementation of compliant programs for regulated industries, as well as those companies screening for the purpose of ensuring the safety and integrity of their workforce. AI’s philosophy is to build and retain secure, trusting relationships with our customers, employees, and business partners with service delivery in an industry standard, open technological format in the media of our customer’s choice. Applicant Insight is committed to being recognized as the industry’s most trusted provider.

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