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XCS eiConsole

HR-XML Implementation Even Easier

Ease your HR-XML Implementation with the the XCS eiConsole tool.  A development tool available exclusively to HR Open Standards Corporate Members. Click here to learn about joining HR Open Standards.

PilotFish XCS eiConsole for HR-XML Specification

The PilotFish XCS eiConsole facilitates the implementation of  HR Open Standard Consortium's HR-XML specifications. It is a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that helps you develop, validate and test end-to-end interfaces. Features include:

  • XSLT-based drag & drop data mapping
  • Schema maintenance and validation
  • Paint-by-numbers approach to prototyping interfaces
  • Tutorials and message templates

HR-XML Specific Features

The XCS eiConsole for HR-XML specifications has been extended to support the unique features and functions not available in any other integration tools. These features vastly increase developer productivity and enable your company to exploit the benefits of standards-based communication in a fraction of the time previously possible. Some of the productivity enhancing capabilities include:

  • An on-line tutorial in both video and text that provides step-by-step instructions for building, and testing an HR-XML 3.x message.
  • Interface templates for each of the many HR-XML Business Object Documents ("BODs") in the HR-XML 3.0 & 3.1 Specifications. Developers can point, click, clone, and configure these templates to build a custom HR-XML interface, in as little as a few hours.
  • The ability to submit transactions directly to HR Open's Testing and Certification Facility (TCF).
  • A built-in Validation Processor that supports schema validation
  • A File Specification Editor that enables transformation of spreadsheets, flat files, and COBOL copybooks to and from an XML representations including their associated documentation.
  • Simple and intuitive configuration screens to eliminate time consuming and tedious custom programming.
  • An intuitive graphical Data Mapper that provides a "point, click, drag, and drop” method of building complex XSLT transformations. HR-XML-specific features of the Data Mapper include:
    • Ability to import both the HR-XML XSD and Business Object Documents - eliminating the need to search external sources for documentation necessary for the data mapping process.
    • Searchable HR-XML documentation.
    • Automatic importation and "Drag and drop” mapping of tabular values.
    • Easy upgrade from prior releases to the current release of the HR-XML Standard.
    • Ability to export W3C-compliant XSLT transformations.
  • A Schema Manager that enables HR-XML-compliant model extensions including the ability to add elements, attributes, fields, new types, and tabular values. It also supports simple point-and-click schema "slicing”.

Users of the XCS eiConsole for HR-XML specifications can build prototype interfaces and test them end-to-end including connectivity to the Source and Target systems. There is also an XCS eiPlatform Emulator built into the XCS eiConsole that will let the user simulate running multiple interfaces and complex workflows in production. This is ideal for supporting an Agile/iterative development methodology.

Access your XCS eiConsole license

The XCS eiConsole license is only available to corporate HR Open Standards members. One FREE "Concurrent Use" license is available per member company (a value of $10,000 USD).

With a Concurrent Use license, companies can download and install as many copies of the XCS eiConsole as they like, but will be limited to operating one at a time. Additional Concurrent Use licenses may be purchased from PilotFish.  If you are a non-member or an individual member of HR Open Standards, but would like access to this tool visit our membership page for more information on joining HR Open Standards.

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