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Certification Conformance Statement
Organization Name: Sovren
Product or Implementation: Resume Parser
Date Certified: 2014-10-09
Specification(s) Certified Against: Resume.xsd
Package(s): 2007-04-15 (2_5)
Use of specification:


The Sovren Resume Parser implements the HR Open Standards Consortium's Resume.xsd with optional User Area extensions.  The Resume Parser parses a candidate's CV or resume into the HR-XML Resume format.

The Parser ships with the companion Sovren Resume Converter that takes source resumes in native formats such as Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, HTML, Adobe PDF, Rich Text Format, etc., and converts them into plain text. The Parser uses this converted text and extracts the applicant's Contact Info, Job Objective, Executive Summary, Education, Work History, Military History, Honors and Achievements, Speaking Events History, Publication History, Patents, Licenses, Certifications, Qualifications, Associations, Security Credentials, and References.  

The Parser then constructs a valid HR-XML Resume XML string containing all of this extracted data. The Parser is written such that the parsed results are available as either an HR-XML record, or as a Resume object whose properties can be traversed directly in code. Additionally, parsed results are available as CSV files, and in human-readable text formats 

Optionally, the Parser uses UserArea extensions to store information calculated by the parser that describes what kind of skills categories best describe the candidate (such as IT/Database Admin or LEGAL/Administrative). The Parser also uses a Comments node to store information calculated by the Parser, including Total Months of Work Experience, Total Months of Management Experience, Current Management Level, Summary of Management History, and whether the candidate's stated Job Objective fits his or her experience and education. 

The Parser ships with over 15 ready-to-run sample applications and web services, with full application source code included. The Parser therefore does not require a messaging framework.  

The Parser is a native .NET component, but can also be used as a traditional COM component or within a Web Service that can be called from any environment including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, ColdFusion, etc.


More Information:

About Sovren

The Sovren Group has been providing enterprise-grade global resume/CV parsing components and related products (such as the Sovren Semantic Matching Engine) since 1996. Sovren's customers include the largest job boards in the world, prominent ATS vendors worldwide, recruiting/staffing organizations, and HR departments. Sovren believes that more resumes and CVs are parsed every day with Sovren products than with all other vendors' products combined.

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