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Certification Conformance Statement
Organization Name: LexisNexis (ChoicePoint) Screening Solutions
Product or Implementation: Xchange XML Background Services
Date Certified: 2012-09-16
Specification(s) Certified Against: BackgroundCheck.xsd
Package(s): 2007-04-15 (2_5)
Use of specification:

LexisNexis' Xchange XML background services use the BackgroundCheck schema with no extensions. Xchange supports Web Services with SOAP 1.1, HTTPS POST, and FTP as the transport protocols.

The background check process uses HR-XML to perform background screenings including education, employment, credit, identity, credentials, certifications, driving and criminal records, drug screening, civil court records, and federal government records.

Xchange validates the submitted BackgroundCheck document and returns a document with a type of "status" and an OrderStatus of "InProgress" for successful requests. Invalid request will have a type of "errors" and a collection of elements describing the errors. Missing or invalid data can be updated using the website.

Clients may view the background results by an XML status document sent back to the client's system, polling, emails, or the website.

More Information:

About LexisNexis Screening Solutions

Gain confidence in your staffing decisions with LexisNexis® Screening Solutions. We help you protect the reputation of your organization by staying compliant and identifying risk associated with the individuals you screen. LexisNexis leads the industry with the most advanced technology and comprehensive data solutions, so you can make the right decisions quickly about your contractors and employees. We support our user-friendly screening solutions with service excellence, compliance updates and best practices that allow you to drive efficiencies into your workflow and maximize the value of your spend.
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