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2015 Annual Meeting

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 © Robert Wall Photography  

HR Open Standards Consortium Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA - March 12-13, 2015

HR Open Borders

We invite you to open the borders of HR across your organization and companies globally. This conference will empower you and your organization to simplify HR integrations by leveraging data exchange standards and business frameworks.

The HR Open Standards Annual Conference brings HR professionals and technology providers together each year to participate in real-world training sessions, implementation case studies, thought leadership on developing trends in HR, and forward-thinking educational sessions focused on Human Resources data exchange and integration.

Registration for 2015 is now closed. 


This event has two tracks -- Business and Technical -- as well keynote and general sessions to provide the most benefit to our attendees.

Keynotes and General Sessions

  • Leading Transformation: How HR Technologies are Disrupting the Modern Workplace, Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference Co-Chair, LRP Publications
  • Emerging Trends in HR Technology and Partnerships, Jigesh Saheba, Chief Architect Innovation Labs , ADP
  • Partnering Essentials: The Principles of Strong Alliances Panel, Moderator Marilyn Pearson Hendricks, 3D Results
    Panelists: Nate Gabelman, GIS; Matt Kelm, HireVue; Kristine White, SAP/SuccessFactors
  • Collaborative Environment for Standards Development by Andrew Cunsolo, VP Product Development, Talemetry; Dimitar Draganov, CTO, ConsultCommerce Ltd./Technical Development Director, MANUS+ ; Jason Sole, Director of Production, DirectEmployers Association


Business Sessions

  • Keep Calm and Integrate On: How to Optimize the Candidate and Recruiter Experience with Multiple HR ServicesRick Barfoot, VP Operations, HRNX
  • Real World Applicant Tracking Implementation by Ingolf Teetz, CEO Milch & Zucker
  • Why did NGA Human Resources and SAP select HR Open Standards to connect world class HRIS Systems Globally? By Andreas Elkeles, Director of Development, SAP; Meltse Henderson, Product Engineering, Payroll Exchange, NGA; and Boris Vanrillaer, Product Management, Enterprise Offerings, NGA. 

Technical Sessions

  • JSON Timecard Implementation by Dimitar Draganov, CTO ConsultCommerce and MANUS+
  • How to Accelerate Development of HR Open Integration Interfaces by Shaun Xabeire, Enterprise Application Development Director, Insperity
  • Protocols to Use for Your Integrations: SOAP, Rest, FTP, Email, and Others by Andrew Cunsolo, VP Product Development, Talemetry; and Ingolf Teetz, CEO Milch & Zucker

Workgroup Breakouts


Join our active workgroup breakouts to learn more about current developments. Don't miss the technical keynote during which we will introduce HR Open's new collaborative development environment. 


Check out the full program here


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